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About Powerfields Consultancy

The powerfields organisation bundles the project results from architecture, cleantech and patents into resources and know-how. The goal and approach is to achieve an economical and ecological advantage towards the end of the energy transition.
We believe what is good for the environment is also good business practice.

• Business Architecture
• Utility Performance
• Application assistance & architecture
• Tender & EU Instruments
• Crowdfunding & Blockchain
• Website & Marketing

We seek to create new renewable energy and sustainable projects whenever possible. We work with clients to engage local, regional, and national governments to ensure our program is aligned with regulatory priorities. This encourages the development of policies that will enable scalable renewable energy solutions and sustainable projects. We cover diverse clean and biotech fields to catalyze opportunities for sustainable growth powered by innovation. We bring clients access to the trends, companies and game changers, and the customized advice and research need to subsidies, financial instruments and patents.

The future success of our consultancy depends on taking urgent action from society.
André Broessel